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From the Desk of Jim Maggs

Dog-Bite Lawsuits

Before I address this E-Newsletter's topic, let me first say that I truly love dogs, especially my good friend's Golden Retriever, Hunter. Despite my affection, I have learned that even the sweetest animal can end up in the "dog house." At Read more

Personal Injury

Much of the work we do at Maggs & McDermott involves personal injury law. These cases include physical, emotional or economic injuries sustained by our clients as the result of the carelessness of another. Over the years we have worked with t Read more

Under Insured Motorists

You are involved in an automobile accident and you suffer a serious injury. You learn that the driver who hit you has either no insurance coverage at all or a policy with very low limits. What do you do? This month's newsletter will explain both  Read more

Five Important Steps to Estate Planning

From the desk of Jim Maggs... I am often asked questions about Estate Planning, both by clients and friends. The concept can be overwhelming and most people just do not know where to begin. In this issue of the Firm's E-Newsletter, I have outline Read more